Dealing with too excess water

Pretty soon the winter months are going to give way to the warmer weather and with the warmer weather comes snow melts and rain. Whether its snow melting or warmer clients heading into wet season – we’re going to see a ton of water!
While water is an essential component of any healthy lawn, too much of it can damage large swaths of lawn – from flooding certain spaces to sitting on your grass on sunny days and causing the grass to burn. Inevitably, some sort of water damage will occur at some point and you’ll have to manage it.

Lawn management tips for first time homeowners

Owning your first home is an incredible feeling and an important milestone in life. It’s also a little overwhelming! After all – there’s a lot to do! There’s the day to day maintenance, the worry about the big things going kaput, and there’s also… the lawn.
Having a new lawn can be tough for some people to get used to – especially if they’ve been enjoying apartment living for a stretch. Have no fear – that’s why we’re here! Here are a few words of advise for a new home owner as to what they can do to better manage their lawn.